As PAs in an ever changing healthcare landscape, the PAs of PAFT know that advocacy on behalf of our profession is vital. As an organization, we have several goals to advance PAs as capable and effective providers in a dramatically changing healthcare industry. Above all, PAFT wants to represent the professional needs of each and every PA that crosses our path. And we want to hear from you. We will advocate alongside you on behalf of every PA. Below are a few concepts that PAFT sees as our goals to continue to reach for. We've done much since the first board of directors meeting.

We plan to do more.

  • PAFT will advocate for more specific research about the PA profession and capabilities. It's vitally necessary and clearly lacking.
  • PAFT will advocate for a fair certification/recertification process and will represent your interests there.
  • PAFT will always rebut those that claim we are second class providers.
  • PAFT will strive for increased responsibility and autonomy.
  • PAFT will advocate for a title that accurately describes our profession to the consumers of America and to other professionals.
  • PAFT will always be there for you.

We have made some great accomplishments since the organization's inception:
  • Produced a new Patient Education brochure, which accurately describes PA practice, is FREE to every PA and is ready for you to print out and use. 
  • Authored the first Position Statement on the "Highest Level" of PA practice and several others since.
  • Entered into discussion with other professional groups. One being the American Academy of Family Physicians whose President-Elect has been saying some things about PAs in interviews which we felt were at best unflattering and required a credible rebuttal. Click here to see the letter
  • Authored over sixty letters to the editor, as well as articles championing PAs as a solution in modern healthcare delivery.
  • Worked with the AAPA and AFPPA in opposition to the AMA resolution to restrict PA practice.
  • We continue to work on your behalf to be able to order home health services for your patients.
  • We were part of many advocating delaying the implementation of new CMS rules that would require physician co-signature on orders, and Face to Face visit documentation policy for many Durable Medical Equipment items that PAs have been able to order without that level of oversight since 1997.
  • We are ready to start our first research project and need your support to do so.

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PAs for Tomorrow is a  professional organization for all PAs of all specialties.  It represents the future interests of all PAs, providing a vocal core group of PAs committed to seeing the PA profession reach its deserved place among America's health care providers and advocating for their role as providers of high-quality, cost-effective, comprehensive and patient-centered health care. 

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