As PAs in an ever changing healthcare landscape, PAFT knows that advocacy on behalf of our profession is vital. PAFT wants to represent the professional needs of each and every PA that crosses our path. We want to hear from you. We advocate on behalf of every PA. Below are a few concepts that PAFT set as goals. We have done much in our early years of existence.

  • PAFT advocates for specific research on the PA profession and capabilities. It is vitally necessary and clearly lacking.
  • PAFT advocates for a fair certification/recertification process and will represent your interests and needs.
  • PAFT rebuts those that claim we are second class providers.
  • PAFT strives for increased responsibility and autonomy.
  • PAFT advocates for a title that accurately describes our profession to the consumers of America and to other professionals.
  • PAFT is for you!

Categories of Membership

Affiliate Member: A nurse practitioner, physician, task force supporter, or clinician that shares our goals. There are no voting privileges allowed but will receive newsletters and have the opportunity to be involved in the organization ($50 per year).

Fellow MemberA fellow member has voting privileges, is awarded a membership certificate and knows they are doing much to achieve a positive future for PAs ($75 per year).

PA Student MemberA student member is a student currently enrolled in an accredited PA program. PA Students are not voting members but are by student members on the Board of Directors. They receive the newsletter and have the opportunity to volunteer ($18 for 2 years).

PRE-PA Student MemberA student member is currently planning to enroll in an accredited PA program. Pre-PA Student members are not voting members but will receive newsletters and learn about the PA profession.

Dues: $10 for 1 year.

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PAs for Tomorrow is a  professional organization for all PAs of all specialties.  It represents the future interests of all PAs, providing a vocal core group of PAs committed to seeing the PA profession reach its deserved place among America's health care providers and advocating for their role as providers of high-quality, cost-effective, comprehensive and patient-centered health care. 

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